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  • Welcome

         We, the Brothers of the Legendary Lambda Chapter of, Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity Inc., welcome you to our website. We thank you for all your support over the years and we look forward to working with you in building a better future for Latinos in Buffalo, N.Y. and as a consequence throughout New York State and the United States.

         If you are interested in finding out more about our chapter and our 16 plus years as an active organization in Buffalo please feel free to read through the Buffalo Phiotas website, which has combined the undergraduate site and the Alumni Association site.

         Thank you,


  • Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity


         Founded Dec. 26, 1931, Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is the Oldest Latino Fraternity in Existence. Membership in Phi Iota Alpha is a life-long commitment to the Latin American culture.
         As a brotherhood, the bond shared is unlike one found elsewhere and can only be described in one word "ΦamIliA" and the idea that family is there for you in the beginning, middle and end.

    Our Mission

    • Promotion of personal, community, and Pan-American development through the ideals of Bolivar and Marti as well as other Pan-American intellectuals and their philosophies;
    • Creation of a Latin American consciousness;
    • Intensification of education with a Latin American character;
    • Economic and social mobilization of Latin American communities globally;
    • Intensification of contact between Pan-American Countries with the intention of forming a unified network of professional and economic contacts in order to ultimately achieve the unification of Latin America;
    • Conservation of the integrity of the Latin American character.
    • Rejection of war and violence as a means to achieving "La Unión De La Patria Latino Americana.”

    More Info

    To find out more information about Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. as a whole please visit


  • Our Chapter

         The Lambda chapter was founded on October 1995 by 6 Latino students who sought to bring an organization which stressed Brotherhood, Panamericanism and family to the University of Buffalo and Buffalo State College Campuses.

         The road to found the chapter was not an easy one. The interest group was originally made up of 13 men, however after an almost 2 year interest waiting period 6 dedicated men remained. The interest group began their process over the summer of 1995 and finally entered the Familia of Fi Iota Alfa in October 1995. The Lambda Chapter was given a city charter by the National body meaning that the Lambda Chapter encompasses all Universities and Colleges within the City of Buffalo limits.

         Although the Lambda chapter had a very strong beginning there was much work ahead to do to firmly establish the Lambda Chapter in Buffalo. Through out the following 4 years the chapter worked hard to gain recognition on campus, breaking down barriers in Greek councils and opening the doors to allow new Latino organizations on the University at Buffalo and Buffalo State campuses. The chapter was finally recognized as an official Greek Lettered organization on UB and Buffalo State campuses as of 1999.

         From 1999 to present we have grown from a chapter of 5 active members to a chapter with double digit undergraduates and over 40 Alumni all through out the United States.


  • Founding Line

    Founding Line Fall 1995: "Clan de Caciques"

    # 1 Yvan Limbal "Bengala" (Alumni)

    # 2 Luis Baltodano "Nicarao" (Alumni)

    # 3 Eduardo Fontaine "CubaLibre!!!" (Alumni)

    # 4 Edison Gonzalez "Guacanagarix" (Alumni)

    # 5 Eric Toral "Rumiñahüi" (Alumni)

    # 6 Gregory Hernandez Henriquez "Guarionex" (Alumni)


    Alpha Line Fall 1996: "La Sangre Taina"

    # 1 Michael Rivera "Andretix" (Alumni)

    # 2 Israel Lopez "Tizón" (Alumni)

    # 3 Manuel Laguer "Yucahú" (Alumni)

    Beta Line Fall 1998: "El Nuevo Destino"

    # 1 Marco Perez "Mambotipico" (Alumni)

    # 2 Rigoberto Martinez "Candela" (Alumni)

    # 3 Marcelo Morales "Hijo-X" (Alumni)

    # 4 Marino Then "Satirico" (Alumni)

    Gamma Line Spring 1999: "El Nuevo Regimen de Leones"

    # 1 Nicanor Rivera "Espia" (Alumni)

    # 2 Daniel Burgos "Chito" (Alumni)

    Delta Line Fall 1999: "Los Cambiadores"

    # 1 Christopher Lasalle "Sankofa" (Alumni)

    # 2 Luis Celestino "La 21 Division" (Alumni)


    Epsilon Line Spring 2000: "The Ones"

    # 1 Sovanny Eng "Renacimiento" (Alumni)

    # 2 Daniel Rodriguez "Siddartha" (Alumni)

    # 3 Jason Adams "Sequoyah"(Alumni)

    Zeta Line Spring 2001: "Echando Leña al Fuego de la Familia Antigua"

    # 1 Miguel Torres - Castro "Areito" (Alumni)

    # 2 Alecis Ramos "Cubanito" (Alumni)

    # 3 Miguel Alvarez "Atalaya" (Alumni)

    # 4 Thomas Martin "Dramatico" (Alumni)

    Eta Line Spring 2002: Leones Sacrificando y Luchando de Corazon

    # 1 Brian Liu "Brosco" (Alumni)

    # 2 Christian Meza "Caudillo" (Alumni)

    # 3 Marvis Wynn "Lucido" (Alumni)

    # 4 Jesus Santos "Ri" (Alumni)

    # 5 Elmer Gonzalez "Eterno"


    Theta Line Spring 2004: "La Trinitaria, Luchando Por La Libertad y Unidad"

    # 1 Alexis Reyes "Sediente" (Alumni)

    # 2 Abraham Tejada "Marino" (Alumni)

    # 3 Juan Santana "Higuey"

    Iota Line Spring 2005: "Quisqueyanos Valientes Revolucionarios"

    #1 Lenny Arias "Jovial"

    # 2 Anniel Vidal "Vital"

    # 3 Rafael Payano "Chilin"

    # 4 David Paula "Trabucazo"

    Kappa Line Spring 2006: "El Leon Valiente"

    # 1 Ilich Santos "Damon" (Alumni)

    Lambda Line Fall 2006: "La Union de Dos Mundos"

    # 1 Alfredo Peguero "Ariel" (Alumni)

    # 2 Syadur Rahman "MaXimus" (Alumni)


    Mu Line Spring 2007: "El Nuevo Movimiento Por La Diversidad"

    # 1 Jesse Galan "Carinoso" (Alumni)

    # 2 Xavier Gutierrez "R.I.C.O" (Respecto, Integridad, Corazon Y Orgullo) (Alumni)

    Nu Line Spring 2008: "La Nueva Era de la Selva"

    # 1 Rolando Gomez "Apollo"

    # 2 Nelson Escobar "Fidelis" (Alumni)

    # 3 Oliver Diaz "Zinato"

    # 4 Joaquin Camaera "Realidad" (Alumni)

    # 5 Arturo Santiago "Leontius" (Alumni)

    Xi Line Spring 2009: "El Que No Se Cae"

    # 1 Manuel Murray "Alteza"

    Omicron Line Spring 2010: "El Duo Dinamico"

    # 1 David Padilla "Canon"

    # 2 Alfonso Bravo "Anjelo"


    Pi Line Fall 2010: "Los Seis Sentidos de Un Leon"

    # 1 Joshua Peguero "Samuel"

    # 2 Jeurys Grullon "Kouraj"

    # 3 Jose Jusino "Furia"

    # 4 Cristhian Navarrete "Riquelme"

    # 5 Rafael Paulino "Manu"

    # 6 Justinez "Optimo"

    Rho Line Spring 2011: "Lions that Rhos from the Ashes"

    # 1 Hector Coco "Idealista"

    # 2 Jeronimo Valcarcel "Arena"

    # 3 Bryant Cuadros "Polímata"

    # 4 Jonathan Paez "Roseterio"

    # 5 Raymond Duran "Ascensio"

    # 6 Miguel Santiago "Tuukay"

    # 7 Keith Nunez "Wahya"

    # 8 Jefferson Bucheli "Ezequias"

    Sigma Line Spring 2012: "La Mente Maestra"

    # 1 Ariel Perez "Insólito"

  • 10th Annual

    Leadership Scholarship Banquet

    Join the Distinguished Brothers of The Lambda Chapter of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. as we host our 10th Annual Leadership Scholarship Banquet and 17 years in the city of Buffalo.
    The night will be full of festivities as we take the time to not only celebrate the Chapter's progress but the continued support from those individuals of the Buffalo State College and University at Buffalo communities that made it all possible. Tickets may be purchased from a brother or at the link below.

    Scholarship applicants may download the application here.

    Buy Now

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    President Joshua Peguero (Buff State)


    Vice President Rafael Paulino (Buff State)


    UB Representative Ariel Perez


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